Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


What happens during a service?

During a service the camera is dismantled to its component parts which are then cleaned and inspected. Any parts showing excess wear or signs of possible failure will be corrected or replaced. The whole camera is then reassembled using new lubricants according to the factory schedule and the whole camera is set to factory specifications using official factory setting gauges and tested. This service is not available anywhere else in the UK.


Why would I use you and not another independent company?

Classic V is a fully authorised partner of Hasselblad staffed by technicians offering over 40 years of experience. Classic V use only factory tools and parts together with all the relevant data to service customer cameras. Our focus is entirely on the Hasselblad product and no other.


What is your connection to Hasselblad?

Classic V is an independent servicing company working in partnership with Hasselblad.

Why would I use your services and not Hasselblad Sweden?

Customers using Classic V will benefit from a swift and convenient UK based service designed with the UK photographer in mind. Customers will not experience time delays or increased costs associated with shipping products to Europe for repair. We understand that time is essential when having your product fixed and our aim is to offer a personalised service with the ability to speak directly to the technician dealing with your camera.


Is this just a service for film photographers?

Not at all, the staff at Classic V have over 15 years experience with digital photography as well as qualifications from London University and full factory training on Hasselblad digital products. We also have support from third party digital product makers and are familiar with popular photography software products.


Is it worth maintaining these cameras?

Yes of course! They will probably outlive us all with the right care and attention.


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